Manufacturing Process

Adees Exports takes unprecedented care of shoes from the initial selection of leather through to completion of the final product, the quality of raw materials and the fine attention to detail is always evident. A shoe goes through various processes, a few of which are given below:

Clicking or Cutting Department

DSC_3635005Cutting of Shoe Sole In this department, the top part of the shoe or the “upper” is made. The clicking operative is given skins of leather, mostly cow leather but not restricted to this type of leather. Using metal strip knives, the worker cuts out pieces of various shapes that will take the form of “uppers”. This operation needs a high level of skill as the expensive leather has to be wasted at the minimum level possible.

Closing or Machining Department

DSC_3621Shoe Closing or stitching here the component pieces are sewn toge3other by highly skilled machinists so as to produce the completed upper. The work is divided in stages. In early stages, the pieces are sewn together on the flat machine. In the later stages, when the upper is no longer flat and has become three-dimensional, the machine called post machine is used. The sewing surface of the machine is elevated on a post to enable the operative to sew the three dimensional upper. Various edge treatments are also done onto the leather for giving an attractive look to the finished upper. At this stage only, the eyelets are also inserted in order to accommodate the laces in the finished shoes.

Lasting & Making Department

DSC_3717_1006-01Shoe lasting the completed uppers are molded into a shape of foot with the help of a “Last”. Last is a plastic shape that simulates the foot shape. It is later removed from the finished shoe to be used further in making other shoes. Firstly, an insole to the bottom of the last is attached. It is only a temporary attachment. The upper is stretched and molded over the last and attached to the insole rib. After the procedure completes, a “lasted shoe” is obtained. Now, the welt- a strip of leather or plastic- is sewn onto the shoe through the rib. The upper and all the surplus material is trimmed off the seam. The sole is then attached to the welt and both are stitched together. The heel is then attached which completes the “making” of the shoe.

Finishing Department and the Shoe Room

0064oShoe finishing the finishing of a shoe depends on the material used for making it. If made of leather, the sole edge and heel are trimmed and buffed to give a smooth finish. To give them an attractive finish and to ensure that the edge is waterproof, they are stained, polished and waxed. A “finished shoe” has now been made. The shoes, at last, get packaged in boxes.